Provide signed assemblies.


I would like to mention that you should provide signed assemblies rather than non signed.

Usually the test project is unsigned and why should it be?
This I guess is okay for most of the guys however there is the
not so uncommon problem of testing internal functionality.

And while this is not recommended it is sometimes necessary.
And the way to test internals is to add an InternalVisibileTo attribute in your project.
This requires that the testing project is signed, and thus requires all its referenced assemblies
to be signed.

I will for my project sign it on my own, however given that it
would not hurt you should sign them.


gsscoder wrote Jan 26, 2013 at 5:43 AM

I've started using ShouldFluent in the test assembly of this my open source project (http://commandline.codeplex.com/).

After users asked my to sign the main assembly, to keep InternalsVisibleTo from main to test project I need to sign test project too. (Now using source inclusion linking files).

So I really like to have a singed version of ShouldFluent.dll.

Giacomo Stelluti Scala